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Green block expo village

Urban Greed

The original Green Block Concept fundamentally sets out to establish a low-energy design by recognizing the climatic conditions of Astana, particularly the prevailing wind, and to use passive means to address them. The Green Block Grid- serves to position buildings in a manner that provides a denser spacing to South West to break the harsh prevailing winter wind. The street pattern is set such to prevent direct winds. A less tight spacing to the north east allows the prevailing summer winds to penetrate the development, which benefits from the cooling effect.

Building Heights

Varying building heights also serves to prevent wind 'skimming' over the development and creating forceful eddies between the blocks. Building height and the spacing between the buildings can determine not only the spatial nature of the public realm, but also the how the wind acts within it.

The building heights and grid are manipulated to lessen the impact of the winter wind.

These two factors are also fundamental to daylighting, sunlight and overshadowing. By using a north-south building orientation facades face predominantly east-west, maximizing solar exposure. Zoning taller buildings to the north reduces the impact of overshad¬owing whilst maximizing the development density.


The wider spacing of taller buildings to the north of the site lends itself to a commercial district and/ or high rise residential towers.The denser grain of lower buildings to the south is well-suited to more modestly sized residential blocks. These buildings enjoy proximity to and views over the lake and adjacent parkland to the South.The majority of the development sits on a podium structure The podium provides a sheltered car park and technical zone as well as accommodating retail frontage units along its perimeter

The development would address the Park zone to the south. Bio-domes housing botanical gardens and other amenities would sit in the park with links back to the development.

The parkland also provides a more appropriate and easily accessible setting for a kindergarten. Here it is able to meet the planning requirements that the denser green block plan cannot provide.

  • Location: Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan
  • Year: 2017
  • Client: BI Group
  • Project Area: 338318 m2
  • Market: Mixed Use
  • Services: Architecture
  • Extra info: Project Value 680 000 000$
  • Feasibility
  • Concept Design
  • Schematic Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Costing
  • LA Approvals